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Empowering Our Clients

Consult Inhouse provide white-label inhouse recruitment solutions to empower our clients to identify, attract & hire prospective candidates directly. Our objective is to minimise our clients usage of third-party suppliers, namely recruitment agencies, reduce their external costs, enhance their branding, and to ensure any hiring manager or candidate (whether successful or not), has a positive experience and feels they have been treated professionally.

Empowering Our Clients

We undertake a detailed assessment to validate a client’s historic recruitment processes and procedures, recruitment costs and any areas for improvement based on our findings.  A detailed report is produced outlining all opportunities to improve the current recruitment processes and procedures enabling you to attract and qualify the right candidates now and for future demand. It is this methodology that offers a consistent cost effective, quality measured recruitment solution that also provides greater control and forward planning.

Our three-step process

Discovery Assessment

The objective is to understand your historic recruitment activities, sourcing channels, current processes and procedures, systems, controls, compliance, KPIs and costs.


Based on the results of the discovery assessment, we will recommend GDPR compliant solutions to meet your current and future needs. We will document your operating model, including workflows, sourcing channels, tests and assessment tools, processes and procedures, KPIs and reporting.


We will implement your bespoke recruitment model and provide reporting on all recruitment activities including costs, savings and return on investment (ROI).

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