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Proactive recruiting methods should be the new norm and with talent shortages on the rise, companies require a talent acquisition strategy to stimulate interest from candidates.

This may be achieved in several ways, but our services as outlined below, will give your company the edge, and the added impetus that may be needed to meet your resource objectives.

Our Services

» RECRUITER ON DEMAND – is a flexible recruitment service designed to serve as an oveflow to your existing recruitment function. Get immediate full recruiting support for volume and complex hires with ability to scale as demand changes.

» TALENT RESEARCH – helps you to identify the best talent available to drive growth required for your business. We determine the availability of specific skill-sets, precisely locate these target groups in relation to your requirements and outline what differentiators are offered by competitors such as salary, compensation, benefits and more. The analytics available offers deep insights enabling you to measure your business against the wider market and promotes more informed hiring decisions.

» TALENT PIPELINING – we help you develop your messaging strategy to build strong relationships with talent considered for future opportunities. Pipelining the best talent offers a multitude of benefits for organisations that approach the task of recruiting more proactively.

» EMPLOYER BRANDING – the process of promoting your business as the employer of choice to a desired target group helps you compete for the best talent and provides sector credibility. You will be provided with an assessment of how you compare against your key competitors and we will help you create a clear messaging strategy and identify the sourcing channels needed to effectively communicate your business to your target group.

» PROCESS REVIEW – revisiting your hiring procedures frequently and analysing their effectiveness will reveal areas for development and growth. We undertake an assessment of your current approval and recruitment process, review your future recruitment objectives and provide you with a report outlining all process improvement opportunities for a LEAN future state. We can implement a bespoke recruitment solution to elevate your talent strategy and provide you with a greater return on investment (ROI).

» ASSESSMENT SERVICES – for specific roles, we recommend the use of assessment and ability tests to provide additional insights which aid decision making during the recruitment and selection process. In these circumstances, this is an effective way to determine which applicants are the most qualified based on their strengths, preferences and team culture fit.

» DIVERSITY & INCLUSION – we provide organisations with solutions aimed at minimising bias and ensuring the recruitment and selection process is fair and transparent.

» INHOUSE RECRUIT DESIGN, BUILD & RUN – how do you reduce agency recruitment dependency? Here, we build you an effective inhouse talent acquisition function from scratch. We undertake a discovery assessment of how you recruit today and provide a list of recommendations in the form of a proposal for what steps are required to transition you to a fully functional self-sourcing inhouse recruitment solution. Based on an incredibly successful and seamless deployment of a recruitment model which delivered huge cost savings for a multi-national organisation previously heavily dependent on the use of recruitment agencies, we will design, build and run the talent hiring function until you are comfortable managing the operation independently.

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