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Proactive recruiting methods should be the new norm and with talent shortages on the rise, companies require a talent acquisition strategy to stimulate interest from candidates.

This may be achieved in several ways, but our services as outlined below, will give your company the edge, and the added impetus that may be needed to meet your resource objectives. We follow a simple three-step process to enable us to review and deliver a bespoke recruitment solution.

Our three-step process

Discovery Assessment

The objective is to understand your historic recruitment activities, sourcing channels, current processes and procedures, systems, controls, compliance, KPIs and costs.


Based on the results of the discovery assessment, we will recommend GDPR compliant solutions to meet your current and future needs. We will document your operating model, including workflows, sourcing channels, tests and assessment tools, processes and procedures, KPIs and reporting.


We will implement your bespoke recruitment model and provide reporting on all recruitment activities including costs, savings and return on investment (ROI)

Our Services

  • Design and implement a fully functional self-sourcing inhouse recruitment solution.
  • Website branding to attract candidates directly to you.
  • Identify best sourcing channels to attract candidates directly to you.
  • Develop sourcing channel branding.
  • Onsite direct recruitment.
  • Identify assessment tools to aid candidate selection.
  • Rationalise incumbent recruitment agencies and renegotiate favourable commercial terms.
  • Review current recruitment methods and recommend Lean process and procedures to reduce time-to-hire.
  • Assist in creating competency frameworks definitions for each business function including job description templates.
  • Provide salary surveys.
  • Recruitment reporting KPIs including cost savings.
  • Document and create a recruitment manual and user guides for all stakeholders.
  • Provide training on recruitment processes and procedures for all stakeholders.

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