Why Consult Inhouse?

Placing you in control of your recruitment activities

At Consult Inhouse, our purpose is to help you hire top talent required to fulfil your company objectives, but in doing so, we encourage you to think differently about your recruitment function.

Many companies today are yet to adopt a talent acquisition strategy which involves developing a long term and sustainable approach towards their recruitment needs. What underpins a company’s ability to grow is not simply the capability to identify and hire talent, but to ensure there is a constant and reliable flow of available talent aligned to its current and future needs to facilitate the anticipated growth.

These companies however lack the tools to achieve this and do not proactively develop their own talent pool of candidates but find themselves having to resort to reactive recruiting methods. Here, the use of external agencies is sought in the hope specific positions are filled but this approach does very little when trying to build a talent pipeline that needs to meet a company’s projected growth targets.

The use of traditional external agencies is a transactional recruitment method which comes with expensive fees that may be better utilised within the business, and financially rewarding employees with a view to improving retention rates is an example where cost savings may be deployed elsewhere.


As a Disrupter - We challenge the Recruitment Norm

This involves working with companies committed to change. We are ambitious for you, and together our straightforward aim is to develop a successful talent acquisition strategy that will underpin a recruitment function in-line with the demands and needs of your business, and responsive to cyclical and resourcing challenges within your sector.

A recruitment solution based on previous experience

We have significant experience of working at executive level in recruitment agencies and managing inhouse talent acquisition teams across EMEA and the Americas. By partnering with you, we are perfectly placed to provide deep insights and prior experience of the recruitment challenges faced by your business.

Our partnered approach

Our journey together begins by us understanding your historic and current recruitment demand. We work collaboratively with you and provide best-in-class services, deep insights and meaningful information to help you elevate your talent acquisition strategy.

Our platform of different services are aimed to offer greater autonomy by helping you find the best people for your company, and our recommendations are designed to increase process efficiency, improve return on investment (ROI) and aid you with executing intelligent and data driven hiring decisions.

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